Air Quality & Climate Change

Around the world, there is a growing awareness that air quality and climate change risks have a material impact on business and more specifically on the design, construction and sustainable operation of our clients’ assets. ERM’s Air Quality and Climate Change services are delivered by a unique combination of more than 300 engineers, scientists, meteorologists and economists working together to address global performance expectations.

From project inception to ongoing asset operation, we present sustainable long-term solutions to these challenges; addressing a broad array of technical and non-technical risks in these areas. This provides our clients with a competitive edge by proactively addressing air quality, energy efficiency, and carbon management challenges to enhance shareholder value.

1. Licensing and permitting
2. Ambient air impact assessments and monitoring
3. Air pollution dispersion modelling and health risk assessment
4. Facility and capital project siting assessments
5. Comprehensive and streamlined air quality compliance systems
6. Data management tools and systems
7. Emissions measurement, CEM systems, stack testing, GHG measurement, LDAR, and smart LDAR
8. Emissions inventories
9. Air pollution control technology assessment design/build turnkey solutions
10. Catastrophic release modelling and upset assessment
11. Litigation support
12. Carbon management and strategy including marginal abatement cost curves
13. Emissions trading, carbon credits, and carbon liability advisory services
14. Energy mapping, efficiency, and management
15. Climate change risk, adaptation, mitigation strategy, and implementation.