Asset & Collateral

At Sail Global Corp we offer Asset and collateral management services matched to our client interests and business. With growing market demand for services and specialization, Sail Global Corp is the ultimate reliable partner to any entity for business development and progress. At SGC we offer perfectly tailored and customized services to client satisfaction.

In our Collateral and Asset Management operation, we evaluate and give reports to clients over all their Assets and Collateral held thereby giving the financiers or owners an opportunity to accordingly plan.

We make propositions on the performance of Assets and Collateral in an effort to minimize the risk of loss at the time of need to liquidate and more so to be able to match up to the changes in the market. Over time the market has had institutions holding unto nonexistent assets and worthless books. The consistent reporting mechanism will enable the entities to make the best decisions and be ahead of all possible developments thus our Monitoring and Evaluation.

1. Asset Management
2. Collateral Management
3. Business and Asset Valuation